Celtic Tree of Life – Enya


This Celtic Tree of Life pendant is that of the revered Oak. The stark winter silhouette is very attractive. It is handcrafted in .925 sterling silver.

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To the Celts trees were an important part of their lives. The largest tree would be sought out when making a camp and the tree would become the source of protection, warmth and food. The tree had also spiritual significance – they carried messages  to the other world and were believed to grant blessings. The most sacred tree was the Oak, a symbol of strength, longevity and wisdom.

This Celtic Tree of Life pendant features an oak in winter and it’s stark silhouette is very attractive. It is of medium size and handcrafted in .925 sterling silver. Several chain options are available.

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16" Silver Chain, 18" Silver Chain, 20" Silver Chain, 22" Silver Chain, 24" Silver Chain

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